Why you should add vlog posts to your blog

If your company has a blog and updates it regularly, you are already ahead of the game. But- do you just have written posts, or have you started adding video posts (vlogs) as well? If not you are missing opportunites to connect with new leads and customers. Here are seven reasons you should add vlog posts to your blog:

1- Humans have attention spans shorter than goldfish

It’s true, Microsoft did a study and found that the average attention span of a human is eight seconds. A goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. This is due to the massive digitization of society and the rise of multi-tasking. People no longer read- they scan because most of them have lost the attention span required to read a full page. Content delivered over video is much easier for the brain to process. Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 time faster than text. Humans are hard-wired to use their brains as little as possible, so they’re much more likely to watch a blog post rather than read one.

2- Many people simply don’t like to read

In fact, the majority of people prefer to watch videos rather than reading. Studies show that 60% of people prefer watching videos to reading.

3- Users are much more likely to intereact with video content

A study done by Usurv found that delivering content via video is the way to go. It found that users are:

  • 36% more likely to comment on video, vs. text, content
  • 39% more likely to share video content
  • 56% more likely to give video content a like

As we all know, user interaction is key. When users interact with your content it is seen by others in their network. There is no better way to spread the word about your product or service. This is reason enough that you should add vlog posts to your blog.

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4- You can recycle your vlogs

Once you create your vlogs, you can recycle them and post across your social media assets. Short videos can be placed on Instagram, Snap, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They work exceptionally well as promoted content because users are 27% more likely to click through an online video ad than a text ad.

5- Vlogs help you take advantage of the world’s second largest search engine

Everyone knows Google is the largest search engine. What’s the second? YouTube. If you have created vlog posts, you can create a YouTube channel and post them on it. You can also purchase ads to promote your videos on YouTube.

6- Video keeps visitors on your website longer

Once you get people on your website, you want to keep them there. You can get your message across and get them to convert. Text keeps people on websites an average of 42 seconds. Video crushes this: it keeps people on websites an average of 350 seconds.

7- People develop an emotional connection to video

According to Psychology Today, reading causes the brain to cognitively process information. When we watch a video, something completely different happens: we develop an empathic connection with the screen. If you want a customer to fall in love with your product, show them a video of it. Since most buying decisions are emotionally based, you should add vlog posts to your blog to get them to fall in love with your brand, products and/or services.

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