15 Real Estate Facebook Posts

Gone are the days of sifting through newspaper ads for new house listings.  Here are the days of searching for homes online.


This is excelllent news for realtors trying to crack the often tricky Millennial market. A 2017 report highlights the fact that 99% of Millennials use online services to search for houses in the buying process.  Further, Millennials account for 66% of today’s market for first time home buyers.


As searching online for homes continues to increase, it’s more important than ever that your business boasts a strong online presence. With extensive experience in the real estate and financial services industry, the team here at Bespoke Digital Solutions wants to share 15 real estate Facebook posts to help you generate leads.


1.  Share an article about the community

london real estate facebook posts
Knowing its safe to walk down your street is why many home buyers consider community research one of the most important factors in buying a home.


When a buyer begins the online search process, one of the first things they look at is the community in which it is located.  Therefore, buyers searching for more information about communities in your property portfolio are perfectly positioned to become new leads.  If your real estate Facebook posts contain information useful to the buyer, the likelihood of them following up with you increases drastically.


Below are some examples of things buyers look for when researching communities:

  • Surrounding parks or schools
  • Access to public transportation
  • Crime rates
  • Neighborhood information
  • History
  • Cost of living
  • Events, traditions, or attractions


PRO TIP:  Include a call-to-action for buyers to contact you for more information.  Convincing CTAs can increase the click through rate on your Facebook page by up to 285%.

2.  Talk about things that differentiate you from others in the market

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is one of the key factors in running any successful business.  Finding your specialty or niche will help you stand out from the crowd and become the go-to agent in your market.


Consider using your expertise to provide relevant information on a specific neighborhood, type of house or price range.  If you are targeting the right audience, the results will show.  Check out our article on how to run a great social media ad campaign.



The real estate businesses that stand out the most are those that are knowledgable and help their clients feel informed and stress free.  This recent article by our team, which showcases one of the healthiest real estate markets in Europe, is the type of information you could share with your clients to keep them up to speed.


3.  Tell buyers why you like being a real estate agent

When leads see you love your job, that is infectious and they will naturally want to work with you

In a business that’s all about relationships, it’s important to show clients that you have a personal side too. Your clients aren’t just buying or selling a home, they’re investing in your personal brand and outstanding customer service.  Creating Facebook real estate posts about why you love what you do adds a personalized and human touch to the process.  Which as a result, will lead to more meaningful relationships.

As you know, 40% of your new clients will come from referrals.  Having a personable online presence, and networking via social media, increases the likelihood that your current client will want to give you a referral.


4.  Post about great getaways for a long weekend

Take a hint from Los Angeles’ #1 real estate sales team, Halton Pardee + Partners.  Sometimes your followers want to consume content a little outside of the box.  It not only engages the reader, but provides them with value in the form of an interesting travel tip.  See one of our featured articles to get an idea of what to write about: Paris: The perfect base for European weekend getaways.


weekend getaway Facebook real estate post ideas
Halton Pardee + Partners’ post is a great example of the 80/20 rule.


When posting to Facebook and other social media, always remember the 80/20 rule.


That’s 80% content vs. 20% listings.  With so much content out there, readers will quickly bounce to the next post if you are not grabbing and holding their attention.


This is why 80% of your content needs to inform, entertain, and educate your audience.


Need more ideas for social media content?  Contact us to receive our free 65 social media posts for real estate agents.


5.  Share organizational tips

As you know, your client relationship isn’t over once you’ve helped them buy or sell a property. Continuing to provide informative posts such as organizational tips and property maintenance hacks will help you maintain your relationships.  In return, you will receive their gratitude and an easy way to maintain the relationship.


6.  How to do de-clutter prior to moving

real estate facebook posts marie kondo
”Kondo-ing” your home is a great way to get ready for a move. Check out organization expert Marie Kondo’s tips below.


The moving process can be a stressful and overwhelming job for a lot of people.  Being the one who helps ease some of that stress can be an easy way to generate new leads.  Providing useful tips, resources, and videos like these from Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo is a great way to start.


7. Gardening hacks

real estate facebook posts gardening hacks
Beautiful gardening can also make your property look a lot more appealing to potential buyers


Some of the most enjoyable features of owning properties are often overlooked.  Things like spending time with the family, having a barbecue and planting flowers in the garden.  These are all great ways to tap into the emotional aspect of owning a home and connect with potential leads on a more personal level.


8. House cleaning hacks

Sharing your favorite cleaning secrets is another great way to engage readers, maintain relationships, and increase readability on your real estate Facebook posts.  A good example is the old trick of putting your sponge in the microwave to kill bacteria.


9.  Live stream your open houses

Visual media such as photos and videos are king in the online real estate world.  64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded video content.  Real estate businesses that use video in their real estate Facebook posts will see an increase in offers and requests to view their properties.  Not to mention, live streaming your open houses is an effective way to generate leads without them ever stepping foot in the property.


10.  Discuss benefits of buying a vacation home

vacation home real estate facebook posts
Discussing the benefits of owning a vacation home can reveal hidden value to your client.


Do you have home for sale in a popular vacation area?  To begin with, create a real estate Facebook post with information on why owning a vacation home is a valuable investment.  It just might be the incentive your leads need to take the next step.


11.  Post about local sporting events you love

Sports events are a fun and exciting way to get your readers interested in your posts.  Have a property near a popular sports stadium or gathering spot?  Include a CTA, or further information about the event, to engage leads in this area.


12.  Share tips for taking great photos to make your house pop in online listings

photography tips for real estate facebook posts
It is necessary to always have high quality, high resolution photos of homes being listed online


Having high resolution photos can help your listings stand out from the crowd.  In fact, homes with high-quality photography sell 32% faster.  Thus sharing your tips on how to take great photos will also make you look more knowledgable and qualified among potential leads.


13.  Post about your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood

Nearly everyone enjoys talking about food (eating it too).  Why not combine the popular topic of food with one of your Facebook real estate posts?  Think about some of the tastiest restaurants in your area. Be sure to tag them in the post for better traction (this goes for any other posts that mention local vendors).


14.  Your favorite 3-5 features of your new listing

An easy way to showcase one of your listings is to highlight some of its key features.  The structure of the post is easier to read, and it allows you to focus on things you want readers to know.  For example, the post below by The Leonard Steinberg Team provides a quick highlight of its location, builder and size.


property features facebook real estate posts
The Leonard Steinberg Team is a real estate agency in New York City with nearly 47 million combined followers on Facebook and Instagram.

15.  Share a testimonial

Sharing a testimonial from a previous buyer is another example of effective real estate Facebook posts to generate leads for your business.  People love social proof.  And its a sign that you are running an effective, likeable business.  For the most part, buyers want to hear about your success and how you’ve helped other people sell their properties.  Testimonials not only strengthen your brand, but build trust with future clients.

Have questions about your upcoming real estate Facebook posts?  Either with keyword research or creating a social media strategy? If so, arrange a free consultation today.

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