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top seo tips for photographers

8 Top SEO Tips for Photographers

The other day I was interviewed by my favorite photographer, the incredibly talented Heather K. Purdy. She asked me for my Top 8 SEO Tips. Although the blog title says they are for photographers, they are really relevant for everyone that wants to improve (or even get started) on their SEO. You can read the post […]

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yoga with adriene

SEO Case Study: Yoga With Adriene

I read a really interesting article this morning. It was featured in my Guardian morning headlines about a yoga instructor named Adriene. Since I have practiced yoga for most of my life (I even owned a yoga school in Manhattan for a few years), I clicked through to read the whole article. Who is Adriene? Recently, […]

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what matters on Instagram

What matters on Instagram in 2020?

There are a lot of preconceived notions about what matters on Instagram in 2020. For example, people think that most Instagram users are young women. They also think that the more hashtags they use on a post, the better. Is all of this true or is it just urban legend? Keep reading to learn the facts […]

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